From June, PLonQ will be releasing a series of videos of business owners at work in a new campaign that invites people to ‘Spend Some Time With Us… Visit PLQ’.

The overlying message in the videos is the offering in Point Lonsdale & Queenscliff (PLQ) and the many benefits of visiting small towns.

The videos will feature on the home page and remain on each of the business listing pages. The videos can be shared across all media including each business’s own website.

Videos will be shared in an online media campaign to attract views to The site is growing and forming into a substantial advertisement as well as a great source of media for PLQ.

Differing from media which has a great focus on ‘tourism’, PLonQ’s media message is targeting a boutique audience.

The campaign entices visits to the area – again and again.

Visitors will be encouraged to slow down, fall in love with the area, interact with local business owners by learning more about local products and produce. Ultimately the campaign is an invitation to connect with locals so that PLQ becomes memorable.

Local businesses are encouraged to join and request their free video.

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