PLonQ One Year On

PLonQ’s vision remains unaltered: Fostering cultural leadership, entrepreneurial creative connection and future thinking to advance the communities of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff.

PLonQ board members and their positions are: Soula Mantalvanos (President), Sally Denahy (Vice President), Theo Mantalvanos (Treasurer), Zelda Walters (Secretary), Chris Dinneen (CDD) (Committee Member) and Warren Hobbs (Committee Member).

Most recently PLonQ welcomes John Begg and Laurel Hill.

Certainly, 2020 will not go down as the year of achievement for any organisation let alone a newly formed one. However, PLonQ has still made, what they believe is noteworthy progress, in planning and setting goals for future initiatives.

One of PLonQ’s initial achievements was to establish a connection with Council. Collaboration is key for any organisation seeking cultural leadership and future thinking within their local communities. PLonQ is very appreciative to see CEO Martin Gill and Mayor/Councillor Ross Ebbells, as well as members of the Economic Development Team regularly attending monthly meetings. Their direct input to PLonQ’s ideas has helped clarify PLonQ’s way forward. A positive relationship has developed, with PLonQ assisting Council in a similar way. In addition, we are also thankful to members of Tourism Greater Geelong & the Bellarine (TGGB), along with the Queenscliff Visitor Info Centre who are also regular attendees.

An example of the progressive connection between PLonQ and Council as we explore our vision, CEO Martin Gill invited PLonQ to submit project plans for consideration within Council’s budget. The projects currently in the budget for consideration are;

  • Development of a Strategic Plan for PLONQ
  • Cultural Mapping/Creative Mapping of the region. Connecting to all previous work that has taken place. Understanding “how to position the Borough to ‘win’ culturally and creatively in the region”. i.e not only to leverage on all of the TGGB work, but to also put a stake in the ground that is very much about Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale.
  • Leading to a “region roadmap for Creative Industries and Cultural Activation”, which will inform future work of Council, of local businesses, and of PLONQ – ie, a shared 18-month long plan.
  • Media budget: 6 months to promote business videos via various online networks to drive visitation to
  • Summer Bus proposal: Initiate and trial a courtesy mini-bus to transport foot traffic to and from the ferry, running a loop through Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale, with designated drop off.

Other projects in progress are a Q Code historical tour (a project conceived by Warren Hobbs), seasonal and Christmas flags for Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale and 2020 Christmas promotions.

For more specific details PLonQ encourages the local community to read through the minutes. The conversation between all organisations, business owners and residents forms a platform for brainstorming and sharing of thoughts and ideas, excellent feedback and constructive criticism all of which is proving effective – even through this past complicated year.

My personal feeling is that the timing is crucial and that the formation of  PLonQ was timely.

PLonQ made the following requests to the newly appointed CEO Martin Gill:

  • PLonQ be included in the marketing and promotional ideas for the area
  • PLonQ be included in the project planning for the area
  • PLonQ receives much-needed input from Council members as to how we can progress our ideas by working with and meeting Council/legal/state requirements.

In brief, people ‘on the ground’ have valid experience and insight that can impact council achievements for the better. PLonQ Board and Committee members have great professional experience that they now openly and confidently share with the council. Together, we move forward as one Community.

Like what you read? Then join PLonQ!

PLonQ further encourages membership applications. Our Board needs to grow – we need resources, diversity and a range of professional and personal experiences to advance all facets of the local community in the best possible way.

What PLonQ is not, is a traders group. PLonQ’s work aims to have a broader long-term effect – small baby steps on the pavement while building something bigger and more stable for the long-term.