2021: Happy New Year

With a busy summer only just behind us and much to catch up on, PLonQ monthly meetings have been pushed forward to resume in April/May.

December Minutes have been drafted and will be approved at the next PLonQmeeting. The meeting date will be confirmed in due course.

In the meantime, administrator efforts will proceed with project planning, the drafting of an essential PLonQ Strategic Document and the seeking of more members.

PLonQ is a registered incorporated organisation and as such must abide by Model Rules which outline a minimum number of members. In addition to this prerequisite, a diverse group of members is essential to the execution of the PLonQ’s vision.

Please join us if the following strikes some cords:

PLonQ Inc is a non-profit community organisation which has been established to instigate and promote more cultural activity and community cohesiveness in the Borough.

PLonQ’s purpose is to be:
— Active in seeking ways to advance the quality of life for those who live and frequent the Borough of Queenscliffe (BOQ).
— Active in finding ways to offer a unique experience for those who visit, including: identifying and progressing ideas about connecting the two towns more effectively through local transport and an all-inclusive attitude.
— Focused on brightening the Borough facade and neatening of our thoroughfares.
— Thoughtful in ideas for implementing signage and branding that boasts place pride and connections with communities past and present.
— Working within the BOQ’s offering and traffic capacity to respect the local environment.
— Supporting local businesses by promoting resources and inventing small getaway experiences for visitors.
— Remaining open and enthusiastic toward locals wanting to join PLonQ’s projects and aligning with the BOQ so that each others’ efforts are enhanced.

PLonQ’s commitment is to:
— Pride of place
— Be enthusiastic about moving forward and working towards achieving its goals
— Remain encouraging of positive feedback and suggestions from members.

PlonQ Members:
— Enjoy instigating more cultural activity
— Possess the drive and energy to make things happen
— Are open to new ideas and fresh approaches
— Have cultural event management experience (or a willingness to support these activities)
— Are able to stay focused on the Group’s agenda
— Are professional and have a positive approach
— Are forward-looking and solution-focused.