pointlonsdalevictoria.com.au and queenscliffvictoria.com.au websites are now up and running.

Replacing the previous visitplq.com.au website, the two distinct websites aim to further highlight the two offerings of each town.

Having two websites works to drive a stronger online presence for Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff and will also gain far more online reach.

The websites are owned and managed by Steve Kritopoulos and are great media resources that PLonQ can use to market the local area.

A collaborative approach to the website is encouraged. In addition to promotional benefits, the websites also:

  • form location-specific online directories
  • unite retailers to boast town pride
  • form support for all community business owners

PLonQ Committee Member, John Begg is available to chat further about the websites or any interested advertisers are welcome to contact Steve directly:
or phone Steve on 0414 528 861.


  • COSTS Accommodation businesses $330.00 inc gst for full page listing for 12 months*
  • Other Retail & Attraction businesses $220.00 inc gst for full page listing for 12 months*
  • OPTIONAL Complete photography of your property inside and out.
  • Accommodation businesses Cost $350.00 – $450.00 +gst (depending on the property)
  • Other Retail & Attraction businesses Cost $250.00 – $350.00 +gst (depending on the business)

*No payment required until websites are ranked in the TOP 3 of google search

Download pdf by clicking on the images: