Art admirers and patrons, PLonQ is seeking your ideas.

PLonQ and the local community have spoken much about art and sculpture forming an art trail around Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff.

In order to progress an ‘Art About Town’ idea PLonQ need to put a few publications together;

  • Permission request: one to request permission from various organisations, governing bodies and groups who Govern the various areas (ie Parks Victoria, Local, State & Federal Government);
  • Funding application: PLonQ anticipates that sources of funding could come from grant applications, businesses and locals in the community who are passionate about donating and sponsoring artists/artworks.

It’s going to take some planning! But PLonQ believes they can do it.

The PLonQ Board and Committee agreed it would be ideal for local members of the community to be able to present some artworks for this initial stage of planning – we know you have the ideas, we’ve heard them!

So, through November & December, PLonQ is asking you to send references and links to artists and their artworks that you feel would be appropriate for various locations and placements between the two towns.

What kind of links?

Think sculpture, think projection, think paste-ups, think bin wraps, think rooftops, think on the water… think great and small. From there PLonQ will endeavour to form a more precisely curated art trail and plan of execution that can then be used to seek permission and funding.

Quite a process but this is the only way to proceed and PLonQ believe the work will be well worth it and an Art Trail of some kind will come to fruition.

Please email links, images and references to Deadline October 31, 2021

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