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Conceptualised by local architect (and PLonQ Board Member) Warren Hobbs, the team rolling out the fabulous QR Code project includes Borough of Queenscliffe‘s Shannon Di Lisio and Leanne Stein, and Di Sawyer from the Queenscliffe Historical Museum.

There’s one more QR code to spot in town and the project won’t be alone in some exciting historical projects rolling out around P/LQ.

When it comes to history, you must #visitplq


PLonQ One Year On

PLonQ’s vision remains unaltered: Fostering cultural leadership, entrepreneurial creative connection and future thinking to advance the communities of Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff.

PLonQ board members and their positions are: Soula Mantalvanos (President), Sally Denahy (Vice President), Theo Mantalvanos (Treasurer), Zelda Walters (Secretary), Chris Dinneen (CDD) (Committee Member) and Warren Hobbs (Committee Member).

Most recently PLonQ welcomes John Begg and Laurel Hill.

Certainly, 2020 will not go down as the year of achievement for any organisation let alone a newly formed one. However, PLonQ has still made, what they believe is noteworthy progress, in planning and setting goals for future initiatives. Continue reading “PLonQ One Year On”

Participate in a Historical Museum Survey

Covid-19 Effect on the Arts Community

Queenscliffe Historical Museum (QHM) is about to start a major new research project to archive the responses and reactions of the people of the wider Borough community during the Covid-19 pandemic. QHM is seeking a diverse range of stories to create a detailed picture of the present that will be used to inform future generations.

Information gathered may be used as part of a podcast or short video to be displayed online. Your responses will also be accessioned into the archives of the QHM so that future generations of researchers can study this 21st-century pandemic and compare it to other global events like the Spanish flu.

QHM look forward to listening to your stories. As the pandemic is ongoing, QHM will approach research with empathy and sensitivity.

Responses can remain anonymous if requested.

Participate in the survey.

Spend Some Time With Us… Visit PLQ

From June, PLonQ will be releasing a series of videos of business owners at work in a new campaign that invites people to ‘Spend Some Time With Us… Visit PLQ’.

The overlying message in the videos is the offering in Point Lonsdale & Queenscliff (PLQ) and the many benefits of visiting small towns.

The videos will feature on the visitplq.com.au home page and remain on each of the business listing pages. The videos can be shared across all media including each business’s own website.

Videos will be shared in an online media campaign to attract views to visitplq.com.au. The site is growing and forming into a substantial advertisement as well as a great source of media for PLQ. Continue reading “Spend Some Time With Us… Visit PLQ”

Point Lonsdale & Queenscliff brand

PLonQ instigated the creation of a logo for Point Lonsdale & Queenscliff (PLQ).

The purpose of having an identity for PLQ is so that the area can be represented in formal applications (grants, funding, sponsorship, etc) and/or promotional material (visitplq.com.au, social media, advertising, printed collateral).

The process undertaken is outlined in the corporate identity document below. Three logos were presented for consideration to the PLonQ Committee. The chosen concept was presented in various colourways to PLonQ members for final selection.

PLonQ is pleased to be able to present the new brand.

Point Lonsdale Queenscliff logo Continue reading “Point Lonsdale & Queenscliff brand”